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Stress Resilience is Building a Strong Reef

Building a Reef

A Strong Reef can Protect a Shoreline

Being stress resilient is more than just learning how to relax. It is about building your reserves, your reef, so you are protected and at your best for making decisions in times of crisis or for every day challenges. Stress resiliency is about a complex conversation that goes on within your body and your brain about the challenges it faces and the resources and strategies it has available for those challenges. Building stress resiliency is focusing on and balancing the undercurrent strengths of your physical, emotional and intellectual bubbles. Keeping those bubbles of your family, work and physical health in balance with each other and above the threshold of stress so those resources do not become challenges themselves. Building these pools of resources and resiliency for your day-to-day best and the wherewithal for formibidable challenges that may come your way.


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